Our Services

What We Collect

We collect and accept all textiles (woven and non-woven fabrics) including clean clothing, shoes, handbags, tablecloths, sheets, comforters, bedspreads and towels.

Who We Help

Charities, schools, police departments, fire departments, and non-profits organizations among numerous others.

How It Works

Locations are identified in communities for placement of recycling containers. ART places containers after receiving permission from property owners or managers. We offer premium placement fees, paid in advance, for allowing our recycling containers on your property. Your organization or your favorite charity’s logo is clearly marked on our containers along with a telephone number for additional information.

We service each location a minimum of twice per week to maintain an attractive, convenient drop-off spot for area residents.

Reports are provided to the municipality to earn Federal-recycling credits and a check is sent to all participating organizations quarterly. There is no continual obligation, you can stop participating at any time and we will remove the containers immediately.

ART recycles recovered clothing in three ways; some of the clothes are sorted and donated to the needy or higher quality clothing is sold in bulk to organizations that sell to those who cannot afford to buy new clothing. Clothing that is unusable is washed and sold for industrial use and any leftover clothing is used in the auto industry as seat stuffing for large trucks.